Devil May Cry

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... half-human. Dante and his brother Virgil are both sons of a demon, Sparda, and a human woman, Eva. Dante was mostly raised by his mother until she was killed by other demons.

Living... in Limbo City. Despite being a human city, Limbo City is strongly influenced by demonic forces that secretly control the oblivious population.

Profession... paranormal mercenary. After becoming an orphan, Dante met Enzo Ferino, a devil hunter who taught him the ways of demon extermination and paranormal investigation. And with his special Devil Trigger powers, Dante proved to be a quick learner.

Interests… pizza. While Dante enjoys the occasional strawberry sundae, as well as enough alcohol to get him drunk enough to marry a mop, pizza is by far his favorite food – as long as he just ignores the olives.

Relationship Status... single. Dante is a slick charmer who prefers one-nights stands to committed relationships. However, he does have a love-hate relationship with fellow demon hunter Trish.

Challenge... ridding the world of demons. Despite being half-demon himself, Dante wants to wipe them out before they can cause any more trouble in the human world. And personally, he blames them for the death of his mother and his brother’s more diabolical nature.       

Personality... devilish. Dante is flippant, vulgar, violent, and incredibly immature. He’s good at his job, but he has no respect for authority and doesn’t take things seriously. However, as the threats he faces become more severe, he does rise to the occasion. As he says, “A fight every now and then does make life a little more interesting.” 


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