Character Recommendations Based on Natalie

Gimli The Lord of the Rings

As eager for a good time as he is for a fight, few can match this dwarf when it comes to self-confidence

Lily Aldrin How I Met Your Mother

A flaky but supportive kindergarten teacher and painter

Nancy Wheeler Stranger Things

Popular but independent, sheltered but gutsy

Caitlin Snow The Flash

Caitlin believes that burying herself in science is the best way to save the day or to mend a broken heart

Aslan The Chronicles of Narnia

Part king, part guardian, part savior

Max Fischer Rushmore

President of every club who's fighting to save Latin at school and kiss his teacher

Cosette Les Miserables

A sheltered young woman with big questions about her past

John Dorian Scrubs

As a doctor-in-training, JD's head should be in the game. But most of the time, it's in the clouds

Lloyd Dobler Say Anything

Kickboxer wearing his heart on his sleeve who would do anything for the woman he loves

Brian Johnson The Breakfast Club

Brainy nerd who feels pressure to live up to expectations