Julie Grigio

Julie Grigio

    Warm Bodies
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… mostly inside the walled fortress where all the remaining humans eke out their existence following the zombie apocalypse. Her life before the apocalypse is just a memory, and Julie is more focused on present problems than dwelling on the past.

Living… in her dad’s house. Since her dad is Colonel Grigio, the current leader of the surviving humans, the house is pretty posh. She has her own room where she can hang out with her friend Nora, and they even have amenities like a full makeup kit – just what a 19-year-old girl needs at the end of the world.

Profession… zombie fighter, like all the other humans she knows. Julie and her friends are sent out on their first collection mission to retrieve necessary medical supplies from the zombie-infested zones. But when a routine retrieval mission goes horribly wrong, Julie begins to question everything.

Relationship Status… taken by her boyfriend Perry, but maybe not for long. There’s another potential partner on the scene – if she can just get over the fact that he’s a brain-munching zombie named R.

Challenge… fighting against the zombies for her right to live. The struggle to survive is all Julie’s ever known. However, R just might be able to change her mind on what fighting for humanity’s survival really means.

Personality… tough and witty. Julie hates zombies, but knows how to deal with them – by shooting them in the head. Although her life is not easy, she still finds a way to laugh. She has a wicked sense of humor.


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