Kira Yukimura

Kira Yukimura

    Teen Wolf

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Beacon Hills, California. Kira recently moved with her parents from New York. At first, Beacon Hills seems like a totally normal town, but Kira is beginning to discover that strange things are lurking.

Profession… high school student at Beacon Hills High School. Her father is the new history teacher and insists on embarrassing Kira in front of her classmates, including Scott McCall and his friends.

Relationships… single. She may or may not have a tiny crush on Scott, but more than anything Kira just wants to make some new friends. Introverted but not shy, she wants a circle of friends who she can click with, and Scott and his friends seem friendly – although a bit strange.

Challenge… fitting in at her new school and becoming friends with Scott, which may mean eavesdropping on his conversations with his friends. But Kira really wants to find a way to have them like her. She is also struggling to make sense of the strange things happening to her recently – strange things like her glowing eyes in photos.

Personality… sweet, intelligent, and caring. Although she comes off as a little awkward at first, Kira is actually a sweet and rather bubbly young woman. She just needs to find people she can open up to and show the courageous spirit she has inside.


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