Steve Trevor

Steve Trevor

    DC Extended Universe

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... through “the war to end all wars.” American-born Steve volunteered to help the Allied Forces in Europe. As he explains, “My father told me once, he said, ‘If you see something wrong happening in the world you can either do nothing, or you can do something.’ And I already tried nothing.”

Visiting... the hidden island of Themyscira. During a mission-gone-wrong, Steve accidentally crash-lands off the coast of the mythical Amazonian homeland. He’s rescued by Themysciran princess Diana and becomes the first human to ever step foot on the island. Steve is shocked by the godlike things he sees there—from superpowered women warriors to truth-telling lassos.

Profession... fighter pilot and spy. Steve is a captain in the American Expeditionary Forces and a spy for British Intelligence. His work takes him around the world, from the Ottoman Empire to the Houses of Parliament. His associates include his loyal secretary Etta Candy, a rogue group of fellow fighters, and now Diana, who decides to accompany him on his mission. As her tries to warn her, “I appreciate your spirit, but this war is—it’s a great big mess.”

Interests... booze, dancing, and his good luck charm of his father’s watch.

Relationship Status... in love with Diana. Though he’s initially confused by Diana’s strange demeanor, Steve begins to fall for his strong, compassionate new ally.

Challenge... ending the war. Though Steve doesn’t believe Diana’s story that World War I is caused by the Greek god Ares, he agrees with her commitment to ending the war once and for all. His latest goal is to make it across the Western Front and stop the German army from releasing a deadly new mustard gas that would decimate the Allied forces.

Personality... bold, brash, and courageous. Steve’s roguish charm and sarcastic sense of humor masks just how deeply he cares about helping the world. He’s great at improvising his way out of tricky situations, and he isn’t afraid to break the rules for the greater good. Though Steve is pragmatic and sometimes a bit cynical, he doesn’t have a big ego. In fact, he’s happy to defer to Diana’s superior strength even as his peers scoff at her gender. Steve doesn’t always like to show it, but he has a big heart and a bit of a romantic side as well, especially once Diana’s compassionate outlook begins to rub off on him.


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