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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… with his parents in his hometown, Coeur d’Couers. Though after his mother’s death, Ned was sent to boarding school by his father.

Living… with secret powers he discovered through his pet dog named Digby. Digby loved to frolic through the fields of daisies with Ned, but Digby was killed by a truck. When Ned touched Digby, he discovered that he possessed the power to bring the dead back to life. There are two exceptions to Ned’s powers. If he keeps one person alive for longer than a minute, another dies in their place. And if he touches the person he resurrected a second time, they will die forever.

Profession… pie maker and detective. When Ned was at boarding school, he developed a love of making and baking pies, so he opened his own shop called The Pie Hole. Ned was content with his pie-making until the restaurant started to lose business. In exchange for the money to keep his restaurant afloat, Ned agrees to use his powers to help a local private investigator, Emerson Cod, solve various murder investigations around town.

Interests… pies. Ned is obsessed with pies, though he can’t eat his own because he uses rotten fruit that he’s brought back to life to make them sweeter. If he ate them, they would turn rotten in his mouth.

Relationship Status… single. Ned has always been scared of hurting others because of his powers and tends to keep his distance. He strongly dislikes hugs and personal contact, making it hard for him to form deep relationships. However, now that he’s brought his childhood sweetheart Charlotte “Chuck” Charles back to life, the temptation to kiss her is almost irresistible.

Challenge… helping Emerson Cod get to the bottom of murder investigations. Ned just recently brought his friend and long-time crush Chuck back to life. Ned and Cod need to question her to figure out who her murderer is. But Ned can’t bring himself to touch her and consequently kill her again. So, he chooses to let her live.

Personality… kind, warm, and gentle. Despite his powerful ability to bring back the dead and kill them again, Ned is a tender soul who would rather not hurt even the smallest creature. He’s generous, friendly, and polite – though he can be very uptight, and avoids making deep social relationships with people due to all the death he’s witnessed in his life. 


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