Brandon Teena

Brandon Teena

    Boys Don't Cry
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Lincoln, Nebraska. His father died before Brandon was born, so he grew up with just his mom. He was bored his whole life there. You would be too if you were stuck where there's nothing to do but chasing bats and bumper skiing (putting a sled behind the wheel of a car and driving it in a field).

Living... as a female-to-male transgender man. Brandon cut off his hair, put a sock down his jeans, and changed his name from Teena to Brandon. He can’t afford sex reassignment surgeries or hormones, but he’s still struggling to figure out his identity anyway.

Visiting... Falls City, Nebraska. Brandon got kicked out of his cousin's trailer in Lincoln, so he had to go somewhere else. Until he went there, he had never even traveled outside of Lincoln.

Relationship Status... complicated. He’s involved with a single mom named Candace who invited him to move in with her. But he has discovered he is more interested in Candace’s friend Lana. Once Brandon laid eyes on her, it was love at first sight. 

Challenge... escaping the legal system and live an adventurous life where he can be comfortable as himself. Brandon is on the run from charges of forgery, which is part of the reason why he fled to Falls City. Plus, he’s tired of small town life where people don’t get him. He especially can’t stand some of the other guys he has met – including Lana’s brutish friends John and Tom.

Personality... unapologetic, friendly, and free spirited. Brandon just wants to have fun and he’s not afraid to be the person he really is.


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