Character Recommendations Based on NiGHTS

Razputin "Raz" Aquato Psychonauts

A talented kid psychic still learning to believe in himself

Crono Chrono Trigger

He may not talk, but this time-traveling hero's heart speaks volumes

Simon Belmont Castlevania

A vampire hunter bravely carrying on the family business

Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers

This sexy succubus lives for pleasure

Earthworm Jim Earthworm Jim

An everyday earthworm turned intergalactic hero

Manuel Calavera Grim Fandango

A bureaucrat in the Land of the Dead, Manny is a jaded, sarcastic loner who just might have a hidden heroic side

The Kid Bastion

The Kid doesn’t talk, he just acts with determination

Mega Man Mega Man

A courageous boy robot dedicated to achieving everlasting peace

Red Transistor

Red doesn't like to explain herself. She wants her work to do the talking

Felicia Darkstalkers

Society may reject her, but this bubbly catwoman just wants to spread happiness to others