Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in the Celestial Plain. Like all divine beings of light, Amaterasu comes from the Celestial Plain, a holy realm that can only be reached through special arks. 

Living... in Kamiki Village. After being summoned back to Earth by the wood sprite Sakuya, Amaterasu finds herself in Kamiki Village, a small town that is about to be destroyed by the ancient snake demon Orochi.

Profession... sun goddess. Amaterasu is the latest incarnation of Shiranui, an ancient sun goddess in the form of a white wolf who first defeated Orochi 100 years ago.

Interests… answering the prayers of the people. By painting with the celestial brush, Amaterasu has the power to reshape the world around her. And with the help of her sidekick and celestial envoy Issun, she uses this power to help restore the faith of people she comes across.

Relationship Status... single. She’s not mortal, so she isn’t about to date like one. Instead, as a goddess, Amaterasu has a maternal view towards all living creatures on Earth. She gives life, and flowers grow beneath her footsteps. However, she is also the actual mother of another young celestial being, Chibiterasu.

Challenge... ridding Nippon of demons. Although Orochi is the most pressing issue, he isn’t the only evil force threatening Nippon, and he’s not even the source. So to truly bring peace and light to the land, Amaterasu must travel across ancient Japan seeking out darkness and destroying it once and for all.       

Personality... warm, gentle, and mature. After all, Amaterasu is a divine, heavenly creature. But she also has more recognizably human qualities like strong opinions and a short attention span.


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