The Kid

The Kid


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in Caelondia. The Kid grew up in Caelondia, a beautiful city and economic powerhouse founded by pioneers. However, the region’s increasing educational and military influence soon created tension with neighboring lands.

Living... in the aftermath of the Calamity. In an attempt to defeat their biggest rivals, the Ura people, Caelondia activated a deadly new weapon. However, the resulting Calamity also vaporized much of Caelondia. The Kid is part of the handful of survivors left in the rubble.

Profession... mason. Before the Calamity, The Kid worked as a mason to earn money for his family, improving the city’s walls to protect it from further attacks. He was the first citizen to volunteer for multiple lengthy shifts.

Interests… improving his skills. The Kid enjoys bettering himself, whether it’s working as a mason in the hopes of becoming a marshal, or learning new weapons and fighting styles to survive in the post-apocalyptic world. 

Relationship Status... single. At first, The Kid is left all alone in the empty, ruined Caelondia. However, he soon becomes close with Rucks, an old man who helps guide him. He also takes an interest in Zia, an Ura girl and fellow survivor of the Calamity.

Challenge... rebuilding the Bastion. The Bastion is a Caelondian structure and refuge made for times of crisis. It serves as The Kid’s home base. However, Rucks believes that if The Kid can restore it to its true power, The Bastion may have the ability to prevent the Calamity from ever happening.       

Personality... stoic. The Kid doesn’t talk. He just acts with determination. And while he mostly works alone, he does go out of his way to save the precious few people out there still left to save.


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