Mobile Suit Gundam Series

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... behind a mask in the middle of a vicious war. Made up of space colonies created to deal with Earth’s overpopulation and pollution, the principality of Zeon is fighting for independence from the Earth Federation, using humanoid war machines known as "mobile suits" to fight against the Federation. Char currently lives aboard a Zeon warship, but will move to wherever the battle against the Federation takes him.

Profession... lieutenant commander in the Zeon forces, where he is an ace mobile suit pilot. In battle, Char is known as the “Red Comet” for the destruction he wrecks in his exceptionally fast red mobile suit, having “singlehandedly destroyed five battleships” in one battle. Char’s enemies fear him and his allies are in awe of his power, with even the Zeon officials striving to gain his favor at any cost– which may be far higher than they ever expected.

Interests... hard to guess. The mask Char wears is both physical and emotional, and he seems to be hiding his true self from those around him. He does seem to be legitimately disgusted by the Earth Federation, but neither does he like the simpering Zeon officials who jockey for his favor. The only glimpse at Char’s real goals in this war are the philosophical statements he sometimes issues, which seem far too troubled for one simply seeking fame and glory.

Relationship Status... single, and surrounded by emotionally stressed officers and pilots at the moment. However, Char’s charm and charisma could be quite alluring if he crosses paths with someone who is attracted to the strong, mysterious type.

Challenge... defeating Amuro Ray, the pilot of the Federation’s new mobile suit, Gundam. Even if Char has ulterior motives for fighting in the war, the rivalry he has with Amuro is violently personal, and he'll go to great lengths to take Amuro down.

Personality... charismatic, philosophical, passionate, and above all, mysterious. Char is strangely both methodical and impulsive, always trying to “Think two or three steps ahead of the enemy” when planning, but also more than willing to fly full speed into battle with only his lightning fast reflexes to save him. While seemingly distant from humanity, Char does have a gentler side: he loves his family and when his subordinates fall, he'll fiercely vow to avenge them. Too bad, then, that his kindness is often obscured by his burning need for revenge.


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