Character Recommendations Based on Rocket

Zero Holes

His nickname of 'Zero' says a lot about what other people think of him

Sun Bak Sense8

Sun hides her feelings, instead channeling her anger and insecurities into her fists

Bane The Dark Knight

A cruel supervillain born and raised in the darkness

Brian Griffin Family Guy

A wry, sophisticated, struggling writer who also just so happens to be a dog

Morrigan Aensland Darkstalkers

This sexy succubus lives for pleasure

Maurice Moss The IT Crowd

A dedicated IT guy who even talks like a computer

Claire Standish The Breakfast Club

Popular, perfect princess who's deeper than she seems

Felicia Darkstalkers

Society may reject her, but this bubbly catwoman just wants to spread happiness to others

Beast/Hank McCoy X-Men Series

The quintessential nerdy scientist but with a few rather unconventional physical attributes

Brian Johnson The Breakfast Club

Brainy nerd who feels pressure to live up to expectations