Omar Little

Omar Little

    The Wire
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up... with his grandmother Josephine after he lost his parents.

Living... in Baltimore. His neighborhood is tough and filled with gangs and guns. As he says, "Out there, it's play or get played."

Profession... criminal. He robs drug dealers. In a sense, he is a modern-day Robin Hood – stealing from the criminals that don't deserve the money in the first place.

Interests... anything to relax. His job is pretty stressful. He loves just hanging out at home in his silk robe, eating Honey Nut Cheerios, and smoking Newport cigarettes. And you will often find him whistling "A Hunting We Will Go."

Relationship Status... single. Unfortunately, he lost the love of his life, Brandon. Brandon was tortured and murdered because he was trying to protect Omar.

Challenge... staying alive. Not only does he have the police coming after him, but he also has the drug dealers to contend with. There are dangers lurking everywhere, on the streets and even in jail. As he says, "I've got a bounty on my head, man. Five figures! If I'd known I'd be sharing quarters with all these boys, I probably wouldn't have robbed so many of them." Luckily, he has his trusted double-barrel shotgun to protect himself.

Personality... honest, with a strict moral code. He doesn't even use profanity. He's a pretty great guy, as long as you can get past the stealing and killing people.


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