Most Popular Characters

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The Walking Dead

Light on conversation, deadly with a blade

Batman / Bruce Wayne
The Dark Knight

Billionaire playboy by day, Gotham's Caped Crusader by night

Peter Pan
Peter Pan

The original boy who never grew up

Coraline Jones

Moving is hard; accidentally moving to a creepy mirror world just makes it harder

Willy Wonka
Charlie and the Chocolate Factory

An eccentric, eclectic, egotistical chocolate factory owner

Augustus Waters
The Fault in Our Stars

Charming and confident, Gus lives in fear of never leaving a lasting mark on the world

Big Hero 6

Basically a giant pillow come to life

The Lord of the Rings

He may be a reluctant hero, but Aragorn's bravery is second to none

Hazel Lancaster
The Fault in Our Stars

Intelligent and compassionate, Hazel would rather face things, even bad things, than sugarcoat the truth

Rick Grimes
The Walking Dead

When the going gets tough, Rick gets tougher. It's a very useful trait when the world goes to hell