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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… simply, on his Uncle Garrow’s farm in Carvahall. Ever since his mother died when he was a baby,  Eragon's been living with her brother, Garrow, and his son Roran. It's a happy, if poor, life, with the one dark spot occupied by one day: Galbatorix, the cruel and power-obsessed king of Alagaesia.

Profession… hunter. Eragon is one of the best marksmen in the village, even daring to hunt in the dangerous Spine, a nearby mountain range that is supposedly curses. During one of his hunts there, Eragon encounters a mysterious blue stone and decides to bring it home, hoping it might be worth some crowns. Little does he know, however, that the “stone” is about to change his simple life forever.

Interests… messing around with Roran, helping his family, and taking care of his new pet. Eragon is your typical Carvahall teen – hunting to keep his family fed, joshing about with his friends – until his “stone” hatches, revealing a tiny but feisty dragon. Unfortunately, having a dragon means more than fetching it water meat – Eragon also has to keep Saphira's existence a secret from Galbatorix, who sees any dragons other than his own as threats to his power. The king's already slaughtered every other dragon alive; if Eragon isn't careful, Saphira might be next.

Relationship Status… single. Growing up in a family with all men means that Eragon hasn't had much experience with the ladies. However, he keeps having a recurring dream featuring one particular woman – and the weird part? He’s sure he has never met her.  

Challenge… keeping Saphira a secret, both from his village and from Galbatorix. Unfortunately, a dragon’s substantial size and huge appetite aren’t the easiest things to obscure, and if Saphira is discovered, Eragon would have to face the king himself to keep her safe.

Personality... curious and courageous. As his friend Brom says, Eragon is “one part brave, three parts fool.” Eragon might be willing to defend his family and loved ones against the Empire, but his tendency to stick his nose where it doesn’t belong often gets him in trouble, whether it's with the imperial soldiers or his fellow villagers. And with a baby dragon in his care, Eragon's curiosity might just prove to be fatal.


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