Elton John

Elton John


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... as Reginald Dwight in Britain in the 1950’s. He was a shy boy who needed more love than he received from his abusive father and passive mother. Elton never received music formal training when he was a child, but it was clear to everyone but his parents that he was a prodigy. His grandmother helped him get into the prestigious Royal Academy of Music.

Living... as Elton John, his stage name. His new last name “John” is inspired by one of his idols: John Lennon. By changing his name, Elton wanted to change his life. As he said, “You got to kill the person you were born to be in order to become the person you want to be.”

Profession... singer and pianist. Elton has many ideas for songs that come out of the pain that he has always faced. But he couldn’t put those words down on paper. Thankfully, he found Bernie Taupin, who is the perfect partner to write those songs.

Interests... fashion and shopping. After changing his name, Elton also updated his wardrobe with bright colors, feathers, glitter, and huge sunglasses.

Relationship Status... complicated. Elton is gay and found himself falling for his writing partner Bernie. But the relationship was doomed to stay platonic since Bernie is straight. Elton is starting to sleep with John Reid, his music manager.

Challenge... finding happiness. Although Elton now has thousands of people clapping for him as a singer, there is something more important to him than fame. He desperately wants to be loved. He thought his success would cause his parents to finally embrace him, but his mother told him how disappointing it is to be his mother. Ouch! As Elton admits, “Real love is hard to come by. So you find a way to cope without it.” Unfortunately, Elton is turning to destructive ways to numb his pain: cocaine, alcohol, sex, and shopping.

Personality... creative and determined, which are helping him take his career to new heights. More lost than ever, though, Elton is becoming bitter and angry. Perhaps he should turn to the positive messages in his own songs for inspiration.


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