Veronica Lodge

Veronica Lodge


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in luxury. The Lodge family is wealthy and powerful, with connections all over. As a socialite in New York, Veronica partied and played, confident that her family’s wealth would provide.

Living… in her mother’s hometown of Riverdale. It’s small, nothing like New York, but the Lodge family had to leave because Hiram Lodge was sent to prison for embezzlement. Her mom still owned an apartment building in Riverdale, so now the two of them are trying to start a new life.

Profession… high school student. Back at her old school, Veronica was a grade-A mean girl, but she’s trying to change after seeing her actions irreparably harm someone. Unfortunately, it’s hard to break old habits.

Interests… reading, music, and fashion. Veronica is an excellent singer, and she joins a girl group promptly after moving to Riverdale. She also puts in a lot of effort to maintain her high-class look, even without her father’s income—she dresses in designer clothes and drops quotes from plays and literature.

Relationship Status… single, for now. Fellow student Archie Andrews immediately catches her eye, but her new friend Betty Cooper already had a crush on him. Veronica will have to decide whether a new friend, or a new boyfriend, is more important.

Challenge… making friends and solving murders. Veronica wants to put her father’s scandal behind her and become a better person. Unfortunately, she arrived in Riverdale right before the murder of a young man. Everyone’s a suspect, and Riverdale has more secrets than a town of its size should.

Personality… willful, confident, and intelligent. She can have a quick temper, especially for people who she thinks are doing something wrong. She’s protective of her friends, and confident that she can fix whatever problems lie before them—no matter how great they are. She uses her smarts, her beauty, and her wealth both to help her friends and to stand against the shadier side of Riverdale.


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