What We Do In The Shadows
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in old America, before the Republic of Gilead overthrew the government and instituted a new order based on a fundamentalist reading of the Old Testament.

Living… in what used to be Cambridge. He’s the head of his household and has numerous servants, and much more freedom than the vast majority of people in Gilead.

Profession… a military man, hence the title. Before Gilead, he worked as a market researcher. Now, he’s a high-ranking officer in Gilead’s new hierarchy.

Interests… books and other intellectual pursuits. Unfortunately, many of the books he loves are banned under Gilead’s new laws. He uses his privileged position to hide forbidden books in his home office, even sharing books with his Handmaid Offred—which is strictly against the law, because women aren’t allowed to read.

Relationship Status… married to Laszlo, who she turned into a vampire. Unfortunately, Nadja’s attention has lately been on Jeff, the reincarnation of Nadja’s lover Gregor. Even though she feels guilty about hiding it from Laszlo, her passion for Jeff-Gregor is hard to control.

Challenge… hiding his books and his unhappiness. Although the Commander may have helped bring about the new Republic, he feels trapped by the lack of intellectual stimulation in this new orthodox society.

Personality… self-centered and complex. The Commander seems like an easy going person, a regular guy who is willing to bend the rules for his household now and then. But the rule-breaking always serves him ultimately, and he doesn’t care whether he risks someone else in the process. It’s hard to say whether he truly believes in the new world he helped create.


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