What We Do In The Shadows
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a small town on the island of Antipaxos in Greece, sometime in the 15th century CE. Her family was very poor, and the town was subject to a number of disasters, including war and famine.

Living… in Staten Island, in the here and now. Nadja became a vampire, and made her way to the New World, where she settled in a house she shares with three other vampires and one irritating human.

Profession… vampire, mostly. She doesn’t hold down a job consistently, preferring to take things freely when she wants them. However, she does have a taste for power and leadership, which causes her to become a member of The Vampiric Council, a very important and definitely not ceremonial role.

Interests… music, fashion, and sexuality. She’s always dressed the nines, and has her own unique aesthetic. She also has an interest in feminism, advocating even for human women who have been mistreated by their friends or partners. And unfortunately for her roommates, she’s not picky about where or when she engages in “romantic activities.”

Relationship Status… married to Laszlo, whom she turned into a vampire. Unfortunately, Nadja’s attention has lately been on Jeff, the reincarnation of Nadja’s lover Gregor. Even though she feels guilty about hiding it from Laszlo, her passion for Jeff-Gregor is hard to control.

Challenge… finding self-actualization amid a sea of incompetence. She sees herself as a competent and charismatic woman, who is held back by the idiots around her. She’s often able to accomplish her goals when she has them. But she doesn’t have a strong idea of what would make her happy in the long run. After all, being immortal gives you an awfully large amount of free time.

Personality… passionate, whimsical, and stubborn. Nadja throws herself into everything, whether that’s hosting a séance or opening a nightclub. Because of this passion, she’s reluctant to listen to any criticism and becomes emotional when she realizes she’s done something wrong. She can be dismissive and rude to people she doesn’t respect, but in the same moment, she can suddenly turn and be incredibly generous. Her humorous insults and ambition make her the most active member of the household.


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