What We Do In The Shadows
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as a ferocious warrior in the Ottoman Empire. He admits to being bloodthirsty, saying, “They called me Nandor the Relentless, because I never relented.”

Living… in a large house with three other vampires and his familiar, Guillermo. Nandor has declared himself leader of their little coven, a position he mostly uses to tell the other vampires what to do. They tend to argue with his authority, but eventually submit.

Profession… none. Nandor was once a skilled military man and leader, but he has almost no understanding of the modern world. He doesn’t understand how to use a tablet or a credit card, and still thinks Canada’s major economic drivers are beaver pelts.

Interests… decoration. Nandor loves glitter. He made a glitter portrait of himself Guillermo, and covered himself in glitter to celebrate the arrival of a famous vampire. He’s also meticulous about ceremony and decorum, even just to read a letter or decide what to do that day. He also loves basketball.

Relationship Status… romantically single. However, he has a human familiar, Guillermo, who has been working for him for ten years. Guillermo does everything for Nandor, in the hopes that he’ll be turned into a vampire, but Nandor usually just takes him for granted.

Challenge… taking over the New World. A powerful vampire from Europe has arrived, and demanded that the coven conquer the New World, or at least Staten Island. As the group’s leader, it’s Nandor’s job to lead the charge. Unfortunately, his complete lack of understanding when it comes to contemporary America will hinder his leadership capability.

Personality… simultaneously easy-going and arrogant, sweet and dismissive. Nandor expresses childlike excitement often, and appreciated politeness and sincerity. However, that’s all when he feels like it. The rest of the time, he tramples over other people’s feelings, and can be prone to grave misunderstandings, though he’ll never admit he’s in the wrong. He tries his best, but his unwillingeness to learn means his nicest gestures can come across as cruel.


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