Character Recommendations Based on Jim Ignatowski

Twilight Sparkle My Little Pony

A studious princess who's fascinated by friendship

Travis Bickle Taxi Driver

Lonely sociopath veteran and general New York City menace

Scar The Lion King

Sneaky, snarky, and always striving for more power

Will Byers Stranger Things

A 12-year-old trapped in another dimension

Anna Frozen

Not even a closed door will deter this eternal optimist

Amethyst Steven Universe

Reckless, outgoing, and always ready for fun

Fear Inside Out

A ball of nerves. A voice of caution

Mr. Gold Once Upon a Time

Manipulative, conniving, and ruthless, Mr. Gold is enigmatic no matter what world he's in

John Reese Person of Interest

Highly-skilled but disillusioned, ex-military man Reese bets it all on a chance to redeem himself

Edmund Pevensie The Chronicles of Narnia

It's not that he's a bad person, he just has a lot of growing up to do. A lot