Lucille Bluth

Lucille Bluth

    Arrested Development
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Southern California’s swanky Balboa Towers with her sons Buster and Annyong. Annyong can be nice to have around, but Buster might be overstaying his welcome. He’s probably been overstaying his welcome by more than a decade now.

Profession… newly anointed CEO of the Bluth Company, a real-estate development firm. Lucille has no business savvy; in fact, her opulent lifestyle and reckless spending helped create the mess the company’s in now. Although Lucille thinks the criminal charges against her husband George Sr. are outrageous. They could only be executed by a mastermind, and the husband she knows is anything but. As she claims, “The man could barely work the shredder.”

Interests… money and all it begets. Lucille’s become used to the executive lifestyle, with its spa treatments, face lifts, and drug cocktails. To lose her fortune would be, essentially, to lose her life, or at least everything that makes it worth living.

Relationship Status… in a loveless marriage. Lucille knew about George’s ongoing infidelities, and returned the favor by sleeping with George’s twin brother Oscar. It may be the case that not all of George’s kids are his. Lucille’s never looked too closely into the matter.

Challenge… holding on to her lifestyle, down to every last fur. The IRS wants to come by the penthouse and see if she used the company’s money to buy any big-ticket personal items, which is ridiculous. She purchased it all with her own money. Which she got from her husband. Where he got it from is none of her business.

Personality… narcissistic. Even while raising the kids, Lucille never put anyone else before her. She’s very comfortable letting her children know what disappointments they are. In her eyes, she’s doing her daughter Lindsay a favor by calling her “fat,” even though she’s anything but. She’s doing Buster a favor by keeping him under an iron fist. So why aren’t her lousy kids more grateful?


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