Andy Dwyer

Andy Dwyer

    Parks and Recreation
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Pawnee, Ind. Andy almost sued the city when he fell into a construction pit while intoxicated and broke both of his legs. In hindsight, it was one of the greatest things that ever happened to him. He finally had an excuse for lazing on the couch, and had his then-girlfriend – professional nurse Ann Perkins – at his beck and call. Plus, it got him a job! Living in a rinky-dink town has its perks. 

Profession… shoe-shiner at Pawnee City Hall. The job is a definite change of pace for the perpetually unemployed Andy. Leslie Knope, the deputy director of Pawnee’s Parks and Recreation Department, got Andy the job as part of his settlement after falling into the construction pit. Thankfully, he’s not directly involved with any city maintenance, but he’s grown close with the Parks and Recreation staff, to mixed romantic and professional results.

Interests… his music career. Andy is the lead singer and guitarist of his rock band. They might gain some traction if they could just decide on a name. Their past names have included: “‘MouseRat,’ ‘God Hates Figs,’ ‘Department of Homeland Obscurity,’ ‘Flames For Flames,’ ‘Muscle Confusion,’ ‘Nothing Rhymes With Orange,’ ‘Everything Rhymes With Orange,’ ‘Punch Face Champions,’ ‘Rad Wagon,’ ‘Puppy Pendulum,’ ‘Possum Pendulum,’ ‘Penis Pendulum,’ ‘Handrail Suicide,’ ‘Angel Snack,’ ‘Just The Tip,’ ‘Jet-Black Pope,’ ‘Four-Skin,’ ‘Scarecrow Boat,’ and then ‘MouseRat’ yet again.” 

Relationship Status… single and hating it. Andy had a great thing going with Ann. They’d gotten together in college, but once they entered the real world, their paths diverged. Ann took the ambitious, professional route and Andy finally had more time for his Xbox. It was a sweet deal for him, and he was devastated when she finally left him. After that he started dating April, an intern in the Parks and Recreation Department, but it was hard to get that relationship off the ground. Their age difference was a constant hurdle. 

Challenge… making it as a rock star, or as anything else for that matter. Andy never gave thought to any career aside from playing music. Mouse Rat hasn’t been able to move out of the indie circuit, and Andy feels like his window of opportunity is closing. Fortunately, the worse things get, the better his music sounds. Some of his best material involved his pit accident and his romantic turmoil with Ann and April. Maybe challenges are the key to his future?

Personality… manchild. Andy strikes the difficult balance between doofus and teddy bear. Though his simple mind can drive his girlfriends and co-workers crazy, his kind heart and innocence make him impossible to stay mad at. With pearls of wisdom like, “If you rearrange the letters of ‘Peru,’ you could spell ‘Europe,’” he can’t help but make the ladies swoon.


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