Jim Ignatowski
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Jim Ignatowski


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About Him

Living… stuck in the ‘60s, a decade after the fact. Not only did “Reverend Jim” go to Woodstock – “I wore flowers in my hair and meditated for hours on end. I was finding God all over the place... He kept ditching me.” – but he never really left. Now, Jim’s living in New York City. He tried moving in with his dispatcher, Louie, but that fell apart after Jim burned down the apartment.

Profession… cabbie at Sunshine Cab Company. Jim got the job when he met the other drivers at a restaurant and he’s been the oddball of the group ever since. Still, he’s way more committed to his job than most of the others. He’s actually invested in being the best cabbie he can be, and he’s broken many of the company trip-sheet records for most fares. The goal? Make enough money for a “man cave” full of TVs.

Interests… television, particularly of the sports variety. Jim sees sports as more than a pastime; to him it’s a rite of passage, the only thing that distinguishes us from animals. He also frequents horse races, where he gambles away much of his earnings.

Relationship Status… single. The Reverend had his share of fun in the free love days, but isn’t exactly a charmer in his older age. Though sometimes, he’s the one being pursued, like when his co-worker Tony’s sister falls in love with him. That was the end of the line for Tony. To work with Jim is enough, to call him family might be too much to handle.

Challenge… nothing too serious. While his co-workers tackle big existential questions of fulfillment and self-actualization, Jim is confused by the simple things we take for granted: “I wonder about things, like, if they call an orange an ‘orange,’ then why don't we call a banana a ‘yellow’ or an apple a ‘red’? Blueberries, I understand. But will someone explain gooseberries to me?”

Personality… washed out. Jim’s future is at least as bleak as anyone he works with, but it doesn’t seem to faze him. He’s content with memories of his past and the minor pleasures of the present. While he’s always in a general stupor, he also has a kind heart and goodwill towards those he knows.

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