Anne Cuthbert

Anne Cuthbert

    Anne With an E

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... in an orphanage. She was bullied by other girls in the orphanage and placed in several bad families before finding a true home in Green Gables.

Living... with her adopted family, Matthew and Marilla Cuthbert. They are a pair of middle-aged siblings who run a farm named Green Gables in Avonlea, a town located on Prince Edward Island, Canada.

Profession... student. Anne is one of the cleverest children in Avonlea. She gets into all sorts of shenanigans with her fellow students, including but not limited to accidentally getting her best friend Diana drunk and dying her own hair green.

Interests... reading, spending time with Diana, enacting out imaginative skits, and giving landscapes poetic names like “White Way of Delight” and “Lake of Shining Waters.”

Relationship Status... in a potential enemy-to-lovers situation, Anne and her classmate Gilbert flirt on the edges of enmity and perhaps something more . Their first impression went poorly: Gilbert pulled her hair and teasingly called her “Carrot,” in reference to her red hair. Anne promptly responded by picking up her chalkboard and slamming it into his face. Undeterred, Gilbert continues to try to befriend Anne, and Anne begrudgingly grows to like him as well. She discovers that he is both roguishly charming and one of the kinder boys in school.

Challenge... overcoming her trauma from a terrible childhood and carving out a life in spite of the odds against an orphaned girl. In Green Gables, Anne struggles to find a place in the community without compromising her unique and spirited personality. Her experience with alienation makes her sympathetic towards other outsiders, as evidenced by her friendly overtures to a bullied classmate.

Personality... talkative, bright, and prone to flights of fancy. Anne is intelligent, sensitive, and a force of nature. She is, however, often insecure about her “homeliness” and red hair, and even asks in a prayer, “Please let me be good-looking when I grow up.” Anne also has a quick temper and isn’t afraid to start an argument – or finish it.


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