Character Recommendations Based on Mrs. Hudson

The Phantom The Phantom of the Opera

Madman, victim, murderer, or artist? No one knows the man behind the mask

Jyn Erso Rogue One

Rebellious criminal tasked with stealing her father's plans for the Death Star

Violet Baudelaire Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events

An accomplished inventor and gifted leader. Pretty impressive for a 14-year-old

John Dorian Scrubs

As a doctor-in-training, JD's head should be in the game. But most of the time, it's in the clouds

Ross Geller Friends

Dinosaur-lover looking for human love, albeit awkwardly

Grunkle Stan Gravity Falls

Grumpy tourist trap owner with a few deep secrets

Nancy Wheeler Stranger Things

Popular but independent, sheltered but gutsy

Merlin Merlin

Half awkward teenager, half super-powerful wizard

Atticus Finch To Kill a Mockingbird

This principled lawyer shows us that justice means nothing without empathy

Beast Beauty and the Beast

Grumpy, furry, and lovably awkward