Mrs. Hudson

Mrs. Hudson


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in London, at 221 Baker Street. However, since the building's a bit large, Mrs. Hudson rents the place out and cheerfully makes tea for her tenants.

Profession… landlady. It might sound like a nice, laidback job, but with tenants like Sherlock Holmes and John Watson, it's anything but "relaxing." Not that Mrs. Hudson minds much – they're dears, both of them. But sometimes, when terrorists visit or Sherlock forgets his thumbs in the fridge, it's hard not to long for the simple days when all she did was type for her husband's drug cartel.

Interests… watching bad TV, keeping her "herbal soothers" away from the police, and taking care of 221's residents. Despite insisting to Sherlock that, "I'm your landlady, dear, not your housekeeper," Mrs. Hudson takes a maternal view towards her tenants, especially Sherlock and John.

Relationship Status… widowed, after her husband's death by lethal injection. Though, seeing as she gave Sherlock a discount for ensuring his death, Mrs. Hudson doesn't seem particularly distraught over it.

Challenge… keeping her house intact. As the former wife of a drug dealer, Mrs. Hudson is no stranger to excitement, but with Sherlock Holmes around, danger is always around the corner. Even worse than a busy Sherlock Holmes, however, is a bored Sherlock Holmes. When Sherlock has nothing to do, he takes to getting high or shooting holes in the wall. Luckily, however, Mrs. Hudson knows just what will keep him occupied: "A nice murder, that'll cheer you up."

Personality… kind, motherly, and very, very gossipy. Though she can be eccentric, Mrs. Hudson is generally a sweet, caring landlady, one who has the rare affection of self-proclaimed sociopath Sherlock Holmes. But don't let her unassuming appearance fool you. As Sherlock will be the first to avow, Mrs. Hudson is far more competent than she looks.  


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