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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as an orphan. Kristoff was taken in by trolls of the Valley of the Living Rock, which is located within the mountains of the fjord. Although Kristoff considers the trolls family, being raised by non-humans has definitely resulted in a few quirks.

Living… in the mountainous forests of the fjord, where he steers clear of human contact whenever possible. But his quiet existence is abruptly interrupted when a princess named Anna shows up and insists he accompany her to find Queen Elsa.

Profession… ice harvester. Along with his trusty sidekick/BFF Sven, a reindeer, they navigate the dangerous mountains for ice. So in Kristoff’s eyes, the early arrival of winter isn’t totally horrible.

Relationship Status… single, and not really looking for anything – he’s alone with a reindeer in the middle of the wilderness, after all. But that doesn’t mean romance won’t come trudging through the snow and find him.

Challenge… helping Anna save Elsa, and accepting his feelings that reindeers are not always "better than people." Despite Kristoff's feigned gruffness, he's got a soft side that's brought out by Anna’s loving nature and optimism. 

Personality… gruff but loyal loner. Kristoff grew up with almost no human contact, and he sees no reason to change that. But though his aloofness can make him seem grumpy, he does care deeply about those he loves. And more and more, this category is starting to include a certain plucky princess...


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