Dash Parr

Dash Parr

    The Incredibles
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… with his parents, retired superheroes Bob and Helen Parr, his older sister Violet, and baby brother Jack-Jack. Dash’s superpower is super speed, and his “super suit” is custom designed to withstand excess amounts of friction and heat.

Profession… fourth grader. Ever the merry prankster, Dash developed a trademark prank: using his super speed to put a tack on his teacher’s chair right before the teacher sits down. Dash is so fast that the principal is not convinced of his culpability, even when the teacher shows him a videotape of the deed.

Interests…. running mile-long wide receiver routes with his dad, eating a good steak, and pestering his older sister.

Relationship Status… too young for a girlfriend. Dash believes Violet has the cooties, and he makes fun of her for crush, Tony Rydinger. Though Dash often bickers with Violet and objects when she is put in charge, he is protective of her; only he is allowed to torment his sister.

Challenge… not being able to use his superpowers. Dash isn’t allowed to go out for sports because his mom is worried he will compromise the family’s civilian cover, but she also tells him his powers are nothing to be ashamed of. These mixed messages invariably leave Dash in a sour mood – he is competitive and brimming with energy. As he puts it, “Everyone’s special, which is another way of saying no one is.”

Personality… mischievous and cocky, but good-natured. Upon seeing his super suit in the mirror for the first time, he remarks: “the Dash likes.” Sometimes it seems like he lives for the sole purpose of annoying his family members, but really that is just his way of saying he likes them.




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