Agent J

Agent J

    Men in Black
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… as James Darrell Edwards III, an accomplished officer in the NYPD.

Living… off the grid. Because of his prowess as a police officer, James has been recruited to join the Men in Black, a secret unofficial government agency. As a result, he’s had to erase all traces of his former life. He will no longer be known as James Edwards, but simply Agent J.

Profession… special agent in the M.I.B. Agent J and his colleagues are responsible for monitoring alien life on Earth. It turns out that we’re not alone in the universe, and it’s M.I.B.’s job to keep humans and alien refugees separate from one another.

Interests… style and pizzazz. The flamboyant J is not used to life in the sober and somewhat bland M.I.B. His partner, Agent K, embodies the seriousness that characterizes the agency. J, on the other hand, wants to add a bit of spice to M.I.B. He teases K about their uniforms, saying, “You know what the difference is between you and me? I make this look good.”

Relationship Status… single. As a member of M.I.B., Agent J is not allowed to associate with civilians.

Challenge… finding “the galaxy,” a precious jewel that houses a powerful source of energy. Agents J and K have to locate the galaxy before “the Bug,” a slimy, deadly invader. If the M.I.B. can’t find it in time, the Arquillians, an intergalactic alien species, will destroy the entire planet.

Personality… sarcastic and unruly. Despite J’s crime fighting abilities, he’s having a difficult time adjusting to M.I.B.’s strict rules. He’s also becoming more and more annoyed by Agent K’s diminutive nicknames for him. He reprimands Agent K, saying, “You chose me… so you recognized the skills, so I don’t want nobody calling me ‘son’ or ‘kid’ or ‘sport’ or nothing like that, cool?”


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