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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in Wakanda, the wealthy, technologically advanced African country posing as a poor developing nation. She’s a proud member of the River Tribe, one of the provinces ruled over by Wakanda’s royal family.

Visiting... anywhere her work takes her. Currently that means Nigeria, where she’s working undercover to investigate trafficking.

Profession... undercover agent. Passionate about helping people, Nakia joined Wakanda’s War Dogs, the network of spies who keep tabs on the rest of the world. She’s sometimes embedded in locations for months at a time, which means she has contacts and allies all over the world.

Interests... dancing, martial arts, and her Ring Blade weapons.

Relationship Status... still close with her ex. Nakia used to date heir-to-the-throne T’Challa, but since her undercover work requires her to be away for long periods of time, they settled on just being friends. Still, it’s hard to miss the fact that T’Challa still gets butterflies whenever Nakia is around. And she’ll always drop everything to help her friend and king.

Challenge... convincing Wakanda to evolve. In order to protect itself, Wakanda has always had a policy of strict isolationism. But Nakia believes that should change. There are people suffering all over the world—many in countries just next door—who could hugely benefit from Wakanda’s incredible advances. As she puts it, “I’ve seen too many in need just to turn a blind eye. I can’t be happy here knowing that there's people out there who have nothing.” Nakia will always be a fierce defender of Wakanda and a loyal friend to T’Challa, but she won’t stop pushing him to be better too, especially now that T’Challa has been crowned king and has the chance to make real change.

Personality... empathetic, intelligent, and dedicated. T’Challa may tease Nakia about the fact that she’s too stubborn, but her willingness to stick to her ideals is actually her greatest asset. As a spy, she’s learned to sit back and observe before she acts, but when she does it’s always with the full courage of her convictions. Nakia balances her brilliant tactical mind and impressive fighting skills with her huge heart. Her empathy extends not only to her friends and family, but also to disadvantaged people all over the world.


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