Character Recommendations Based on Sarah Manning

Miss Havisham Great Expectations

The creepiest old rich lady in town

Hedwig Hedwig and the Angry Inch

A lost soul with a punk rock spirit

Catherine Linton Wuthering Heights

As a child, Catherine was always free-spirited and chatty. Now, she's more emotional than ever

Lucille Bluth Arrested Development

She doesn't understand the question, and she won't respond to it. And you're probably better off

Sally Albright When Harry Met Sally...

High maintenance but she thinks she's low maintenance. Though still worth it

Sabriel Abhorsen Series

Smart enough to understand the dangers that await her and brave enough to face them anyway

Frank Underwood House of Cards

He's got his eyes on the top of the heap, and he's not gonna stop climbing

Jackie Brown Jackie Brown

Not your everyday flight attendant

Will Graham Hannibal

Has a unique ability to empathize with killers, which helps society but hurts his sanity

Dexter Morgan Dexter

He's got a strict moral code, for a serial killer