Sarah Manning

Sarah Manning

    Orphan Black
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in an English orphanage for several years before bouncing around numerous foster homes. Ms. S, her last foster mom, adopted her and her foster brother Felix Dawkins. As a teenager, Ms. S moved the entire family to Canada. Although Sarah has not lived in England for several years, she has retained her British accent and punk style.

Living… on the run in and around Toronto, Canada. Sarah is constantly evading a threatening force, whether it’s the Dyad Institute or the Proletheans. When her young daughter Kira is with her, Sarah tries her hardest to make their environment seem like a home.

Profession… former con-artist and currently unemployed. After cutting ties with her con-artist friends, Sarah attempts to turn a new leaf and provide a better life for her daughter by taking on the identity of the deceased Beth Childs. After discovering that she is a clone, Sarah’s life is taken over by the need to protect her daughter and “sisters.”

Interests… peace of mind, the Clash, and easy money. Sarah is a free spirit who has always sought adventure. Learning that she’s a clone has thrown her whole life in disarray, and now her whole day is spent trying to keep her family safe.

Relationship Status… single. After ditching her ex-boyfriend Vic and donning Beth Childs’ identity, Sarah becomes attracted to her monitor, Paul Dierden. Even though their relationship is a façade, Sarah wants more.

Challenge… assuring her daughter’s safety. After running away with Vic for almost a year, Sarah returns home with the hopes of reuniting with her daughter. Once the Dyad Institute becomes aware of Kira’s existence, Sarah must protect her from Dyad, who wants to capture the two for genetic experiments.

Personality… brave, restless, and adaptable. Sarah has endured numerous hardships in her life, and is a strong and clever survivor. She is something of an outlaw who is willing to do anything for her daughter, Kira. At times Sarah is forced to make morally ambiguous choices, but this only reflects the lengths she is willing to go in order to keep those she loves safe.



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