Jackie Brown

Jackie Brown

    Jackie Brown
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… at the Cockatoo Inn on Hawthorne Boulevard and Manhattan Beach Boulevard. It's the place with the big sign with a cockatoo on it.  It's where she stays when she’s not flying.

Profession… flight attendant with Cabo air. She smuggles in money for Ordell from his off-shore accounts and he takes care of her wallet in return. She brings whatever she wants brought in, as long as it fits in the bag and doesn't hit her in the face if the bag is opened.

Interests… working with the L.A.P.D. to get herself some sort of deal. They say if she pleads to possession and tells them what they want to know they'll set her bond at $1,000. She’s not up for going to jail, though. She’d like to screw them and Ordell in one big job and disappear.

Relationship Status… complicated by the same problems as always. Max is part of Ordell's crew and she thinks he's alright, but his mind's in all the wrong places. He likes going after the L.A. actress types, crushing on them, eventually cheating on them. He can’t even be faithful to a movie star.

Challenge… getting out of Ordell's circle and getting her life straight. She’s forty-four years old. She’s flying for the most insignificant little horse-and-buggy Mexican airline that there is, where she makes a whopping twelve-thousand dollars a year. She doesn’t have much to show for a twenty-year career. And to top it off, she might be going to jail. She needs to make a big move and her time is running out fast.

Personality… tough. She got as far as she did by taking chances. Nobody respected her and so she had free reign to move unnoticed. She’ll do whatever it takes to stay out of jail and stay paid. She’s a very “me, myself and I” kind of person. When all of this is over, she’ll definitely be treating herself to a new suit.




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