Sawyer Ford

Sawyer Ford

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... day by day, trying to survive on a weird island after a plane crash over the Pacific Ocean. He steals enough supplies to hole up by himself. And keeping the other survivors at bay is easy when you’ve got a gun you stole from a U.S. Marshal. Wait, why was there a U.S. Marshal on the flight?

Profession... con man, both before and after the crash. It’s the only thing he knows how to do well. Even when he was caught and given a seven-year prison sentence, the warden allowed him an early release in exchange for conning a fellow prisoner. He takes that attitude with him to the island. He trusts no one, because he plans on using them all to get what he wants.

Interests… getting off this damn island. But while he’s there, playing mind games with every other survivor. Why else would he keep Shannon’s asthma inhaler to himself? He’s also fond of assigning nicknames to everyone he meets, including Kate – or “Freckles” in Sawyer-speak.

Relationship Status... single, but very interested in Kate, even though she might be an ex-con. (Actually, that might be a plus for Sawyer.) He’ll reveal his secrets, but only to Kate – and only if she’s willing to give him a kiss.

Challenge... getting island leader Jack to just leave him alone. Sawyer is fine sitting by himself, reading books he finds in the wreckage and smoking what might be the last pack of cigarettes he ever sees. Jack, on the other hand, wants everyone to work together – especially the one guy crafty enough to find a firearm.

Personality... egocentric and selfish, but also charming and witty. It’s a great combination for wrapping “marks” around your trigger finger. Like everyone else who survived the crash, Sawyer is a mysteriously intriguing bundle of contradictions. But it seems the longer he’s stuck on the island, the better chance the other survivors have of cracking his cynical façade. 


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