Hayley Stark

Hayley Stark

    Hard Candy
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… a 14-year-old honors student with an unconventional hobby: torturing pedophiles. Hayley has spent the past few weeks flirting with the 32-year-old Jeff Kohlver in internet chatrooms, all with the intent of meeting up with him, knocking him unconscious, finding evidence of his crimes, and punishing him accordingly.

Personality… sarcastic, ruthless, and committed to her cause. Hayley has to be one of the most dangerous young women on the planet – at least to pedophiles, who arguably have it coming. The only thing sharper than Hayley’s surgical tools is her tongue, and she’s never at a loss for words. While her sarcastic demeanor may make her seem like she doesn’t take things seriously, she is absolutely committed to carrying out justice, and cannot be bribed, intimidated, or otherwise persuaded to spare her targets. 


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