Emily Fields

Emily Fields

    Pretty Little Liars
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in Rosewood, Pennsylvania, with her father Wayne, and her mother, Pam. Emily seemed to live a happy and loving life with both of her parents until her dad was forced to move to Texas for his military job, leaving Pam and Emily behind. Luckily, Emily had the love and support of her friends Alison, Aria, Spencer, and Emily, who were always there for her until Alison’s disappearance. Emily had a particularly close relationship with Alison and eventually developed a crush on her – which Alison knew and taunted Emily about.

Living… in Rosewood with her mother. Emily seems to stay pretty busy with school, swimming, her friends, and her boyfriend. But she still has time to hang at home, talk with her mom about anything that’s bothering her, and Skype with her dad.

Profession… sophomore and star swimmer at Rosewood Academy. Emily is the resident jock of the foursome. She’s competitive like Spencer, and possesses serious talent with her swimming. She mostly surrounds herself with other athletes, including her boyfriend, Ben. Emily’s also an excellent student and is involved in some other extra-curricular activities.

Interests… swimming, swimming, and more swimming.

Relationship Status… in a relationship with Ben, but it’s pretty complicated. When school started, a new girl, Maya St. Germain, moved in next door. Emily soon realized that she had feelings for Maya, the first girl she’d felt longings for since Alison. To Emily, Maya represents the life she’s kept hidden for so long, and she views Maya as a way to finally be who she really is. Maya is fun and exciting, but Emily’s not so sure she’s ready to reveal to the whole world her true self.

Challenge… keeping her secrets. Emily has been emotionally scarred in more than one way by Alison. Though Emily never explicitly confessed her true feelings to Alison, she let it be known how she felt and was betrayed when Alison used it against her and threatened to reveal her secret. Ever since, Emily has been very guarded, careful of whom she trusts and reveals her secrets to.  

Personality… shy, caring, and emotional. Emily is definitely the most wary of the group. She always says her piece when asked, but is more timid otherwise, perhaps because she’s been harboring such a large secret for so long. Maybe because she’s been hurt herself, Emily is always kind and thoughtful to people. She’s empathetic and careful of others’ feelings and ideas. In a word, Emily is definitely very cautious.


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