Character Recommendations Based on Evan

Nick O'Leary Nick and Norah's Infinite Playlist

A soulful bass player who can't stop sending breakup CDs to his ex

Paulie Bleeker Juno

Shy, sweet, and super into orange tic-tacs

Greg Heffley Diary of a Wimpy Kid

He'll be famous someday, but now he's stuck in class with morons

George Michael Bluth Arrested Development

Finding your place in a big family is hard. Being in love with your cousin is even harder

Michael Myers Halloween

A born psychopath, don't expect Michael to understand the difference between right and wrong

Anger Inside Out

A cantankerous hothead whose job is to get others riled up

Zero Holes

His nickname of 'Zero' says a lot about what other people think of him

Oliver Tate Submarine

Extremely articulate. Hopelessly awkward. Not a recipe for teenage happiness

Marge Simpson The Simpsons

Mostly happy housewife and subscriber to Sponge and Vacuum Magazine

Danny Zuko Grease

A high school bad boy who's not quite as bad as he seems