Jesse Wallace

Jesse Wallace

    Before Sunrise
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a miserable family. His parents should have gotten divorced a lot sooner, but they stuck together for a while for the well-being of him and his sister. As he puts it, "I remember my mother once told me, right in front of my father – they were having this big fight – that he didn't really want to have me... And I think that really shaped the way I think. I always see the world as this place where I really wasn't meant to be."    

Visiting… Europe, for the first time. Jesse lives in the States, and he's been saving up all spring to fly to Madrid and spend the summer with his girlfriend. But the distance between them took its toll: when he finally saw her, she did anything she could to avoid being alone with him. He finally got the message and left. Now he’s just traveling through Europe on a Eurail pass.    

Relationship Status… getting better. On the train during his last night in Europe, Jesse met a beautiful woman named Celine. He thinks she's super smart, very passionate, and beautiful. Although he was sure everything he said to her sounded stupid, she agreed to get off the train with him in Vienna. Now they’re wandering the city now, progressing from new friends to maybe something more.

Profession… not sure yet. Jesse wants to be a writer. And he also has an idea for a cable channel that would follow the lives of average people 24/7.

Challenge… dealing with his feelings for Celine. He has to catch an Austrian Airlines flight the next morning at nine-thirty, so they don't have much time left with her. But he is enjoying it while it lasts.

Personality… smart and passionate, but a bit awkward. But that’s the charm about him. He’s an average guy who grows on you the more you get to know him and his views on life.


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