Marriage Story
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… in a broken home with very little support from his family. Charlie came to New York to follow his passion for theater and directing.

Living… in an apartment with his wife Nicole and child Henry. However, since their separation began, Charlie is spending time in New York alone while he works on his productions, while Nicole is in California developing her career in television.

Profession… a theater director in New York City. Nicole and Charlie used to have a great working relationship where Charlie generated amazing material that Nicole had brought to life on the stage.

Interests… eating and hanging out with his son henry. Charlie always eats like it's his last meal. When he’s not razor-focused on directing his theater production, he’s scarfing down pizza with Henry in the blink of an eye.

Challenge… dealing with his separation from Nicole—and moving on to a divorce. Nicole has hired Nora Fanshaw as her divorce lawyer, who is one of the best. It’s not going to be a fun process.

Personality… well-organized, competitive, and authoritative. Charlie is a Type A personality at home and at work. He is organized and tidy, with an intense work ethic and a drive for perfection. His actors and actresses know this well; he is always quick to correct them when their performances aren’t what he’s looking for.


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