Holland March

Holland March

    The Nice Guys
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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living… in Los Angeles in the 1970s, with his daughter Holly. They live down the street from their old house, which burnt down in a gas leak. 

Profession… private eye, although not a very good one. His daughter, Holly, disapproves of his methods of gaining extra money by tricking his clients and pretending to succeed. Holland defends this by saying that his tricks allow them to live in such a nice house. 

Interests… Holland is an alcoholic and a huge smoker; he can almost always be found with a cigarette in his mouth. Holland also spends time with his daughter, and even though they appear to have a rough relationship, they are actually loving and care for each other. 

Relationship Status… widowed. Holland used to be married to Holly’s mother, who died in the fire that destroyed their home. After her death, Holland began drinking and has remained single.

Challenge… finding Amelia, a girl who Holland was hired to find. When Amelia learns Holland has been asking about her, she hires Jackson Healy to beat him up, hoping it will keep him away. However, when Healy realizes Amelia is being pursued by dangerous thugs, he asks Holland to help him find her. As they dig deeper, they start to uncover much more than they anticipated.

Personality… deceptive, affectionate, and accident prone. Although he seems like an insensitive con-man, beneath his tough exterior, Holland cares about his relationships – particularly his relationship with his daughter Holly and his partnership with “enforcer” Jackson Healy. Holland is klutzy, but he has a knack for evading death. As he said to his partner Healy, “I think I’m invincible. I don’t think I can die!” Though Holland may have a few screw-ups and setbacks along the way, he always manages to get the job done.


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