Paulie Bleeker

Paulie Bleeker

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Overview… a high school student, track runner, and big fan of orange Tic Tacs. Paulie is best friends with Juno MacGuff and recently lost his virginity to her… and accidentally impregnated her along the way. He’s now dealing with burgeoning feelings for her, even as she pushes him away to deal with her pregnancy. Being in high school is always hard, but especially when you’re carrying a torch for your best friend and she’s carrying your baby.

Personality… quiet, easygoing, and dedicated to everything he does. Paulie has a great sense of humor, and so he appreciates all of Juno’s quirks. According to Juno, he gives off the impression of being cool without even having to try, even though he tries “really hard, actually.”


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