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Living… in a universe made LEGOS. While its denizens were once able to travel freely between the worlds of this universe, that all changed when Lord Business built walls between the worlds. Now that Business has the Kragle, a mysterious superweapon, he's dead set on ending the world. Only one thing can stop him: the lost Piece of Resistance. 

Profession… master builder. While ordinary folk need instructions to build things, the imagination of master builders gives them the ability to build anything. Even amongst other master builders, Wyldstyle is particularly talented, holding her own against masters like Superman, Abraham Lincoln, and Darth Vader. 

Interests…. stopping the end of the world and looking cool while doing it. From her hair to her name, everything about Wyldstyle screams "awesome": she's smart, she's talented, and she knows it. As a result, she's set on finding the Piece of Resistance and  becoming the Special, "the most important, most talented, most interesting, and most extraordinary person, in the universe." 

Relationship Status… dating Batman. At first glance, the two seem perfect for each other: both are master builders and Batman's "dark and brooding" personality is completely Wyldstyle's style. Behind his charm, however, Batman might be a little too egoistic.

Challenge… saving the world while dealing with her own issues. Wyldstyle knows that stopping the end of the world is important, but she can't help but be resentful that the guy who ultimately finds the Piece of Resistance is a mere construction worker. Not even a master builder, just a regular joe named Emmet Brickowski. However, though Wyldstyle desperately wanted to be The Special, she must now swallow her pride and work with Emmet if they're going to stop the Kragle. 

Personality… poised and cool, but less confident than she appears. With her mastery of martial arts and her prodigious building skills, Wyldstyle projects an air of invincibility, but she's not bulletproof. As her world and identity come crashing down around her, Wyldstyle must use her skills as a master builder to create a whole better than the pieces she's working with.


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