Character Recommendations Based on O-Ren Ishii

Veronica Mars Veronica Mars

Sarcastic private eye whose biggest mission is surviving high school

Violet Crawley Downton Abbey

Whoever said "time and tide wait for no man" had never met the imperious Violet Crawley

Dexter Morgan Dexter

He's got a strict moral code, for a serial killer

Rey Star Wars Series

Strong, independent fighter who can save herself, thank you very much

Felicity Smoak Arrow

Ambitious master hacker who's a do-gooder at heart

Frank N. Furter The Rocky Horror Picture Show

He's just a sweet transvestite – with some not-so-sweet plans

Stanley Yelnats Holes

A hapless boy who refuses to look down on others

Kermit The Muppet Movie

It's not easy being green. But that doesn't stop Kermit from trying to be the best frog he can be

Buttercup The Princess Bride

She's a farm girl turned princess who'd do anything to have her old life back

James T. Kirk Star Trek

He's more than ready to face the final frontier