Kyoya Ootori

Kyoya Ootori

    Ouran High School Host Club

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… in the shadow of his older brothers. The Ootori family is one of the most influential families in Japan, but as the third child, there isn’t much chance that Kyoya will succeed his father as head of the Ootori companies. But that doesn’t mean he won’t try.

Living… in a beautiful, modern mansion near Tokyo. He attends Ouran Academy, a prestigious private school for the very rich.

Profession… student and host. His friend Tamaki persuaded him to join the Host Club, a club focused on entertaining young women with idle flirtations. That kind of thing isn’t really Kyoya’s style, but he enjoys his position as vice president of the club, where he manages finances, merchandise, and the other business aspects.

Interests… observing and analyzing people. While he acts as a host, he’s much more interested in forming bonds with powerful people, relationships that he can use as leverage in his hoped-for climb to the top.

Relationship Status… uninterested. He’ll flirt if it gains him something, but if not, then it’s a waste of time.

Challenge… surpassing the expectations of his family. Kyoya is intelligent and a good leader, but so are his brothers. He has to find something exceptional to accomplish, or he’ll never achieve his goals. As he puts it, “I have a daunting task. I must paint the perfect picture on a canvas that has already been placed inside a magnificent frame.”

Personality… calculating and coldly intelligent. Kyoya is an exceptional analyst and manager. His special skill is networking, and he is always aware of how a person could be useful to him later on. While he really does weigh pros and cons rather than go with his feelings, he’s not entirely robotic. He’s difficult to see through, but as co-host Haruhi comments, “You go to all that trouble acting like you're such a big jerk when being a nice guy comes so naturally to you. It seems counterintuitive.”


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