Garrus Vakarian

Garrus Vakarian

    Mass Effect

Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… as a young turian soldier on the planet Palaven. Like all turians he engaged in mandatory military training at the age of 15, and was even considered as a potential Spectre – a position of incredible authority and power. However, Garrus instead followed in his father’s footsteps, joining the Citadel Security Services (or “C-Sec”) where he built a reputation as a competent, but brash, officer.

Living… on the Citadel, an ancient space station that houses the “Council,” the premier leaders and statesmen of the galaxy. The Citadel is a massive structure that contains a mega-city, and Garrus lives comfortably there. But he is itching for a little more adventure in his life.

Profession… C-Sec officer. Garrus is a law enforcement officer assigned to investigate the rogue status of Saren Arterius, the top Spectre on the Citadel Council. Unfortunately, the fact that Spectres exist above the law, and are able to make everything they do confidential, makes it difficult for Garrus to make any headway in his investigation. Unable to stomach the thought of a guilty man walking free, Garrus rebels and leaves with Commander Shepard to track down Saren.

Interests… justice. Garrus is single-minded in his pursuit of wrongdoers, and has dedicated his entire life to making the Citadel a safer place. But unlike his father, who did things “by-the-book,” Garrus likes to take matters into his own hands.

Relationship Status… single. But Garrus spends a lot of time aboard Commander Shepard’s ship, so something might just happen between him and another crew member if the mood is right.

Challenge… getting to the bottom of Saren Arterius’s apparent treason. According to Ambassador Udina, Saren has turned against the human race, and it’s up to Garrus to uncover the evidence. However, during his mission, Garrus and Commander Shepard’s team discover that Saren is actually at the center of a plot that could threaten not just the human race – but the entire galaxy.

Personality… strong, determined, and loyal. Garrus isn’t one for red-tape; he wants to get things done, no matter what he has to do. He believes in the pursuit of justice and hates it when bad guys slip through the cracks of the bureaucratic justice system. He has clear and unbreakable principles, and tends to view things as either good or bad, ignoring the possibility of a middle ground. Despite Garrus’ grim fixation on doling out justice, he isn’t without a sense of humor, and is always one of the first members of Shepard’s crew to crack a joke when the going gets tough. Whatever else he may be, Garrus is a very loyal companion to Commander Shepard, who is one of his best friends and also a mentor.


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