Celty Sturluson

Celty Sturluson


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up... with a head. A Celtic dullahan, Celty takes the form of a cloaked rider who carries her head under her arm. However, a sudden accident several years ago left Celty without a head, and she feels quite incomplete without it.  

Living... in the Ikekuburo district of Japan, where she hopes to find her head. Currently, she lives with backstreet doctor Shinra Kishitani, one of the first humans she met after losing her head.

Profession... goods transporter. Though her head's missing, Celty still has her horse, Shooter, who now masquerades as a black motorcycle. With Shooter, Celty helps transport goods for members of Ikekuburo's underground, a job that's brought her into contact with more than a few unpleasant people.

Interests... movies, video games, and chatting with her friends on the internet. She's also quite fond of cute things, if the cat ears on her motorcycle helmet are anything to go by. Though aliens of any type, no matter how cute, are a definite no-go.  

Relationship Status... single. Shinra has (and has had since he was young) a huge and obvious crush on Celty, but she's slower to return his affections. Though their friends seem to think she's just playing hard to get – Celty obviously cares about Shinra, even if she doesn't like to show it.

Challenge... finding her head. Celty can survive well enough with her noggin – she can still see and hear, though eating's not an option and she has to speak using a PDA. But Celty feels uneasy about her head being in someone else's hands. It could get hurt, and besides, many of her memories are there, too. Plus, it's rather upsetting to be the only headless girl in a city filled with full-bodied humans, especially when so many people seem to react to her headlessness with fear.

Personality... loyal, brave, and kind. Although dullahan are traditionally said to bring death to those who see them, Celty defies that belief by saving as many lives as she can in Japan. Despite her recent troubles, Celty remains optimistic that "the world isn't as cruel as you make it out to be."


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