Rose Lalonde

Rose Lalonde


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Living... in a spacious manor with her mother, in a parody of a loving family. A fashion-conscious alcoholic, Rose's mother tries to connect with her daughter, but Rose sees her extravagant gifts and displays of love as merely further moves in their "chilly siege of passive-aggressive one-upmanship."

Visiting... the Land of Light and Rain. After downloading SBURB, a new video game Rose deigns to play with her friends, Rose is transported to a mysterious world full of strange powers and challenges even she may not be ready to face.

Profession... aspiring psychoanalyst, with an already impressive knowledge of Freud. Within SBURB, Roses acts as the Seer of Light, giving her the power of insight into the future.

Interests... knitting, Lovecraft-ian terrors, and literature. As a result of the influence of her mother, Rose has grown up as a sophisticated, intellectual young woman with interests corresponding to her serious personality. Including, of course, wizards and wizard statues and wizard stories, one of which Rose may or may not be in the middle of writing.

Relationship Status... single. Though Kanaya Maryam, the troll whom Rose has been chatting with on SBURB, might be charming enough to awaken Rose's own latent homosexual urges.

Challenge... surviving SBURB. For all her powers as a Seer, even Rose could not have predicted the devastation the game is ready to unleash. With the world literally crashing down around her, now more than ever, it may be a bad time to be a young girl obsessed with the arcane and supernatural.

Personality... articulate, intelligent, and cynical. Rose is very insightful into everyone else's neuroses, but perhaps not as aware of her own. For all her outward poise and confidence, Rose is still a 13-year-old girl, and is prone to all the silliness and insecurities of anyone her age. At times, her introversion can make Rose seem unnecessarily aloof, but her devotion to her friends and love for her cat show that while Rose may be quiet, she is not uncaring.


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