Millions Knives

Millions Knives


Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew up… not quite human. With his twin brother, Vash, Knives grew up as a sentient Plant, a genetically engineered organism designed to provide resources for the desert planet of Gunsmoke. At a child, Knives was just as eager as Vash to learn about humanity – but somewhere down the line, something went wrong. Now, while Vash tries to save lives, Knives does the best to end them.

Living... secretly. Few beings can match the sheer power of a Plant, but as another Plant, Vash happens to be one of them. Though while his brother might have forced him into hiding, Knives is busy recuperating his strength for another confrontation.  

Profession… professional misanthrope. Living away from civilization, your job options are kind of limited. But Knives keeps himself occupied by managing the minions he's sent out to find Vash and "make him suffer for all eternity."

Interests… revenge, on humanity at large. Having seen the horrors men have wrought on Plants, Knives has come to hate humans, calling them nothing but "a total waste of life." Ever since, he's been working on a plan to harm as many humans as possible. And after several years, Knives' work might be starting to pay off...

Relationship Status… single. His lieutenant, Legato, might have more than platonic feelings for him, but Knives is too busy stewing in his hatred to care about anything resembling romance.

Challenge… wreaking as much destruction as possible. Knives might possess great power, but for now, he prefers to let Legato and his band of Gung-Ho Guns chase after Vash. But even when sending underlings to hunt his brother down, Knives doesn't hate Vash, not really – he just wants him to wake up and see the folly of his idealistic ways. (At least, that’s Knives’ view.)  

Personality… nihilistic, sadistic, and chillingly remorseless. A bitter and misanthropic man (well, Plant), it's hard to believe that Knives is related to a cheerful pacifist like Vash the Stampede. But Knives is Vash's brother, and for all their differences, deep down, the brothers may be more alike than either would like to admit.


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