Theodore Twombly

Theodore Twombly

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Character Analysis

(Avoiding Spoilers)

Grew Up… with Catherine, his best friend and lover. The two met in college and went on to get married. During their time together they shared everything, but the pair’s true connection was a result of sharing their writing with each other.

Living… single again, after a hard breakup with Catherine. Theodore hasn’t been his old cheery self ever since the breakup. He has no desire to be social and languishes in his apartment, burying himself in video games and television. However his life – and everyone else’s – changes when the new OS1 operating system is released. The OS1 is a supreme artificial intelligence that learns, laughs, and develops a personality. Soon Theodore is spending more and more of his time with Samantha – his very own artificially intelligent companion.

Profession… personal letter writer at When other people can’t take the time or find the words to express themselves they contact Theodore’s company and they provide a heartfelt letter.

Interests… videogames, moping, sulking, writing letters, and generally passing the time until he can go to sleep.

Relationship Status… single. Theodore isn’t over his relationship with Catherine, and while he doesn’t want to be alone, isn’t ready to throw himself back into the dating pool yet. His romantic life becomes even more complicated when he begins to develop romantic feelings for Samantha, his operating system.

Challenge… to rediscover happiness. Ever since his break up, Theodore hasn’t been able to find much joy in anything. He’s unable to let go and can’t even bring himself to sign the divorce papers. Theodore needs to find something that will give him a reason to try and live his life again.

Personality… quiet, introspective, and sensitive. Theodore is a writer by temperament and trade, and often prefers observation and reflection to socializing. His entire life he’s excelled at expressing his feelings – but in the wake of his tumultuous divorce he’s not even sure what it is that he’s feeling. Funny and sad, sweet but irritable, Theodore is a complex man who longs for someone to understand him as he is, rather than how they want him to be.


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