Character Recommendations Based on Michael Myers

Madison Montgomery American Horror Story: Coven

A self-obsessed Hollywood starlet with a vindictive streak, this is one witch not be crossed

Quicksilver Marvel's The Avengers

Cocky speedster who could run around the world in the time it's taking you to read this

Kylo Ren Star Wars Series

Darth Vader fanboy with an anger problem

Mary Poppins Mary Poppins

This singing nanny is practically perfect in every way

Hua Mulan Mulan

No matter what her reflection shows, Mulan's true strength comes from inside

Travis Bickle Taxi Driver

Lonely sociopath veteran and general New York City menace

C3PO Star Wars Series

This fussy droid always seems to be caught in the most dramatic conflicts in the galaxy

Donnie Darko Donnie Darko

Adults call him troubled and kids call him crazy, but Donnie's too busy following the instructions of a giant bunny rabbit to care

Liu Kang Mortal Kombat

This formidable Shaolin monk is dedicated to protecting the Earthrealm

Dustin Henderson Stranger Things

Geeky but confident. And he knows how compasses work